Bank of Canada and the U.S. Fed have very different worries

Posted on Oct 31, 2019

Bank of Canada and the U.S. Fed have very different worries:

Don Pittis of CBC wrote:

Canada sees risk but holds rate steady, while U.S. cuts rates to provide ‘insurance'

Like a spooky planetary alignment, the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve both unmasked their monetary policy on the day before Halloween. But they had eerily discordant me...

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What a Liberal minority government means to Vancouver real estate

Posted on Oct 28, 2019

What a Liberal minority government means to Vancouver real estate is on the forefront of many Vancouver realtors’ minds

Provincial, municipal policy will have a more direct effect



Ce qu'un gouvernement minoritaire du parti libéral signifie pour l'immobilier à Vancouver

La politique provinciale et municipale aura un effe...

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Your Vote, Your Voice, Your Choice

Posted on Oct 10, 2019

Your Vote, Your Voice, Your Choice

11 Days Until Voting Day

Are you ready?

As we are fast approaching voting day, visit daily to read more about real estate related housing matters that your vote has the power to shape.





Votre vot...

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Is Vancouver The Top Choice For Hong Kong Immigrants Fleeing Escalating Violence?

Posted on Oct 09, 2019

Riot police stand guard in front of a bus station in Central on Oct. 5. Photographer: Justin Chin/Bloomberg
As a Vancouver born, Cantonese Canadian, with family members still living in Hong Kong, the relevance of whether Hong Kong citizens will choose Vancouver, Canada as their top choice for immigration in the throes of escalating violence bears re...

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Real Estate of Greater Vancouver Stats

Posted on Oct 02, 2019

Increased Demand Helps Housing Market Reach Balanced Territory

Home buyer demand has returned to more historically typical levels in Metro Vancouver over the last three months.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 2,333 in September 2019, a 46.3 per cent increase from the 1,595...

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Normalizing Love Ethic

Posted on Oct 01, 2019

Normalizing Love Ethic

When contemplating how I love my work as a Realtor...quoting Bell Hooks, “Embracing love ethic means that we utilize all dimensions of love — “care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect and knowledge” — in our everyday lives.

The etymology behind the Chinese character for love, 愛,is the summation of parts representing ac...

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